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When you become a member of the ICHEA, you are not just joining a young dynamic organization; you are becoming part of a worldwide network of professionals in the field of higher education. You can contact, communicate with, and consult colleagues who are all working towards one common goal: to stimulate and facilitate the internationalization of higher education worldwide.


The ICHEA and its services are offered in order to help you increase your international networks as well as aid in the dispersing of information on all topics concerning international higher education. The primary way that it does this is by organizing the ICHEA annual conference. The ICHEA organizes one of largest conferences in a different city every year. As a member you are entitled to a reduction on the conference fee. This conference is the perfect place to meet and get to know all the professionals in international education, make valuable contacts and visit the popular exhibition.


In between conferences you can keep in touch with colleagues by using the on-line membership directory or by putting your query or comment on the ICHEA website.


The really great thing about being a member of the ICHEA is that you can be a part of a professional section or special interest group while still having access to a variety of experts within a different specialization.


Benefits of Membership


¡P         Professional development through various training courses, workshops and conference sessions, with discounts on the fees for members.


¡P         The ICHEA personalized homepage system on the ICHEA website that allows you to subscribe to e-communities, search the ICHEA membership database (members only), register for events and update your personal details.


¡P         An on-line membership database for worldwide networking - hundreds of international educators in dozens of countries, all available at the click of your mouse. This complete overview of all ICHEA members with their personal contact details is accessible in ICHEA website to members only.


¡P         On-line access to partnership databases and (for members only) an on-line events calendar. The events calendar gives constantly updated information on forthcoming conferences and other events in international higher education, and members can also tell us about new events they would like to add to the overview.


¡P         Answers at your fingertips using e-mail to exchange information, ask questions, and stimulate debate on the internationalization of higher education with your fellow professionals.


¡P         Heighten the profile of your own institution through your involvement in ICHEA activities, perhaps as a conference speaker or a contributor to Forum, or by making use of the various promotional opportunities the ICHEA can offer you.


The Members' Responsibilities


¡P         to to contribute to the development of ICHEA


¡P         to take active part in the general assembly decision-making process and to designate the members of the board and the council


¡P         to promote the dissemination of information and of ICHEA initiatives by and among the national institutions and associations


¡P         to pay the annual fees  

ICHEA Membership Procedure


During the latest Council and General Assembly meetings it was decided to open up the ICHEA membership to more categories of members. For this purpose an amendment of the Statutes of the Association was approved.


ICHEA now has three categories of membership.


¡P         Full member as an Individual institution (autonomous higher education institutions or faculties, institutes and departments, etc. within or affiliated to autonomous higher education institutions)

¡P         Full member as a National Association, representing individual higher education institutions in a country or nation, and recognized as such by its authorities.

¡P         Associate member, which can be either associations or organizations active in higher education.


These associations can be thematic and/or represent a sector.


Country associations, networks on a national or trans-national basis, or individual are also considered as associate members.

Organizations are stakeholders in higher education, such as public or officially recognized Q.A.-agencies, professional bodies, etc.


The ICHEA accepts applications for full membership from associations of Higher Education Institutions in a country or region, provided they are recognized as such by their authorities. ICHEA may also grant full membership to individual institutions that are recognized as ¡¥of higher education¡¦ by the official authorities of the country in which they operate. On becoming member, the national associations commit themselves to spreading information about the workings and the interests of our association in their home countries, and to their members. This way they can have a direct impact on the policymaking of the association, and will also receive information which is normally restricted to national associations.


When joining our Association an association or individual institution undersigns the ICHEA policy statements and the ICHEA Working Agenda in the Process, both of which are available on our website


Applications for membership are examined by the Board of ICHEA, which meets minimum three times per year.

The Board usually asks for detailed information on the candidate member (institution or association) during this procedure. We therefore highly recommend applicants to send us the Internet link of their web site as well as a paper copy of a descriptive brochure on the institution (i.e. course catalogue, number of students, student career prospects after their training, etc.). It is the Council of ICHEA which finally decides on the acceptance of membership, on the recommendation of the Board.


The members of ICHEA are urged to attend the Association¡¦s Annual General Assembly and Conference, and also to liaise frequently with other members using the electronic Members Forum.


Download the electronic membership application form



Privacy Policy


As an educational professional, ICHEA is ¡¥your organization¡¦. It highly values strong relationships with its members, affiliates and associates, sponsors and counterpart organizations. Personal information we may collect through the process of providing services will be handled sensitively and securely with full and proper respect for privacy.


In the case of members, the information you provide to us by completing membership application forms, registering for ICHEA activities, making purchases and engaging in any online activity, allows us to better understand your preferences and needs. ICHEA uses this information to develop and tailor its services and products to better meet your professional needs and to improve its services to you.


The website may rely on the use of ¡¥cookies¡¦ to store user preferences about your account. Cookies are essentially tokens of information which web servers collect from you when you access them. Our cookies do not send us any information about your computer or any other information on your hard drive.


ICHEA takes all reasonable steps to protect all of the personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. All personal information provided to ICHEA is encoded using an encryption protocol that protects data over the Internet.


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