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The purpose of ICHEA membership


The ICHEA is a member-led organization which offers membership to professionals working in or associated with the stimulation and facilitation of internationalization in higher education worldwide. The ICHEA anticipates that individuals will use their membership of the organization as a means of raising the profile of international education within their own organizations, networking with colleagues on matters relating to internationalization in higher education, and enhancing their knowledge and professionalism in the field.


The ICHEA offers the status of courtesy associate to organizations with which the ICHEA itself wishes to foster a closer working relationship. Courtesy associate status is offered by the ICHEA to such organizations and may not be unilaterally claimed by organizations. The status of courtesy associate is not available to organizations unless an explicit relationship has been established and explicitly agreed.


Misrepresentation of the ICHEA and misuse of ICHEA membership


The ICHEA accepts membership applications from individuals or corporate who are willing to operate within the parameters set by the ICHEA. Where it can be shown that an member misuses membership, makes false statements about membership of the ICHEA, illegitimately claims a relationship with the ICHEA, or otherwise operates in a manner which breaches the ICHEA stated parameters, such members will have their membership summarily terminated.


Decisions relating to the revoking of ICHEA membership will be made by the Association Committee and confirmed by the President and Director. Such decisions will be communicated in writing by the Director to the individuals concerned.

Any organizations which are shown to make claims for themselves or their associates which are in breach of the Association principles as stated above will be subject to legal action taken by the ICHEA to preserve its status and public probity.

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